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How to Approach Cleaning your Home
04Nov 2014
How to Approach Cleaning your HomeHome cleaning can seem like a daunting task, especially if you live in a large property. If you live with several people, this can help as each person can be responsible for a certain area. Yet if you live alone or with a small family then perhaps the majority of the responsibility will come down to you. This does not need to be a problem though and there are ways to approach this seemingly mammoth task that avoids the headache and boredom and breaks the chores down into manageable chunks. If you decide to hire a cleaning service then there are plenty available that can do the job for you. However, if you decide that you can do the task without the aid of a cleaning agency, here are some tips to make the job a little bit easier.Start by making a cleaning timetable or at least a rough plan of action. This helps you visualise the task and makes it easier to approach. Start by writing down all the rooms and areas that you need to clean which can be further divided into tasks for each one. This is satisfying as every time you finish one task, it can be ticked off and the list becomes increasingly smaller – which means you are nearing the end of the job. Be realistic in your cleaning timetable. Do you have the time to clean the whole house at once? Do you have the motivation? Putting on some energetic music can help but if your energy levels are at a low, it is best to clean over a few days. Start at the top and work your way down, it is generally the most logical approach.If you live in shared accommodation, it is best to do the cleaning together. Not only is it more motivating to do it as a team but it also means the job gets done quicker. Delegate tasks to people and make sure everyone agrees on the jobs that they have to do. Own bedrooms is obviously down to personal choice but common areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and utility space need to be held accountable for everyone.It is a good idea to start with the tasks you like the least to get them out of the way before moving onto the more pleasant or at least easier tasks. Starting with the bathroom can be a good beginning point. Make sure the toilet is cleaned, the shower cubicle, the bath and the mirrors too. Using proper bathroom products can really make a difference in terms of how clean everything looks after and also for making the room smell lovely, fresh and clean.After the bathroom, move onto the kitchen and make sure to clean all the appliances as well as the floor and the cabinets. It is good to try and clean the kitchen on a regular basis to make sure that dirt and grim does not pile up which can make cleaning far more difficult in the long run, not to mention unhygienic. After kitchen cleaning, the living space can be dusted and the floor cleaned before finishing with the study, office and lastly, bedroom cleaning. Do not forget to clean inside the wardrobe. This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of any old clothes that you no longer want and to de-clutter your space.Finish your home cleaning by washing all you bed linen and any rugs and bathroom mats. The spray some air scent around each room to make the whole house smell lovely.

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