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The Best Way To Clean Your Carpets
11Jul 2014
The Best Way To Clean Your CarpetsCarpets. They are the one thing that every visitor is guaranteed to see. They lines your home and often provide the first impression of you as a hostess. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, the carpets in your home will always end up needing to be cleaned. Stains, spills, mud, shoes, animal prints – all manner of things can cause marks which will require more than a light scrub to get them out. This won’t be unique to you – carpet stains are one of the most often occurring nuisances in a household. This is principally because other than by a rug, they can’t be hidden. So to make your life as easy as possible, devise a routine way that you can best clean those pesky stains out of your precious carpets.   The first tip that we offer is to use a specialised carpet product to remove stains. This can be in the form of powder or shampoo. Shampoo sounds like the best option, but actually it is often not. Powder can be sprinkled down, used immediately and vacuumed up, whereas shampoo will take a while to get worked into the carpet and then needs time to dry. Considering that you may have removed the furniture for this cleaning job, it isn’t always ideal. If you select powder, take a liberal amount (whether it is a commercial product or simply baking soda from your cupboard) and leave it to work its magic. It should stay on the carpet for an absolute minimum of thirty minutes, but for best effect leave it on overnight if you can. This will give the powder the best chance to work on the stains and any odours. Once you have left it on for your preferred length of time, simply vacuum up and you’re done! If you go down the shampoo route, choose your product wisely. There are a vast range on the market so make sure that you identify which one is best suited for your type of carpets. Furthermore, you should read the label advice carefully as each product differs and many products need diluting with water before use so that they don’t damage the carpet in any way. Select the amount that you use carefully, you only need enough to cover the area of carpet affected. Do not under any circumstances make the carpet too wet, not only does it increase the drying time dramatically but it also reduces the effectiveness of the product. Apply the carpet shampoo to the affected area, you can use a hard-bristled brush on any stubborn stains. Once you are confident that you have tackled the marks as best you can just leave the carpet to dry, vacuum over it and that will be that.   Further tips include blotting (not wiping) stains as soon as possible after they occur to minimise damage. If you find any particularly sticky stains, like chewing gum or similar then treat them with ice before you attempt to remove by prising them off. This will make your job a lot easier! And for anything with an odour mix two parts vinegar to two parts water and apply to the affected area with a cloth. Hopefully this will reassure you that carpet stains really are not anything to worry about. Even the worst stains can usually be treated with a degree of success. Things to remember are to treat the carpet as soon as possible and follow the product instructions to the letter. And of course, be careful while you’re carrying that cup of coffee!

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