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Eco-Friendly Cleaning - Is It For Everyone?
10Sep 2014
Eco-Friendly Cleaning - Is It For Everyone?Eco-friendly is a relatively modern way to clean home, it is simple and effective, it can save money and offer healthier lifestyles to those who decide to switch but is it for everyone?Let’s find out!Benefits of going green!Many people are already aware of the significant difference it can make to your lifestyle and well being. Eco-friendly cleaning products are much kinder to health, by eliminating those harmful chemicals you get to live in a much cleaner and safer environment.Health Wise!Most people do not realise what we expose our bodies to when we use harmful chemicals to clean our homes, we easily inhale all sorts of harmful substances and expose our skin to dangerous chemicals and never really give it a second thought because it has become the norm.Until greener living became apparent, people didn’t know any better and many people today only choose to stick to this way of life because it is what they are used to.Many chemicals found in household chemical cleaners can have dire consequences to a person’s health especially if accidental swallowing was to occur, now although that may seem unlikely it has happened before and can easily happen if children have easy access to them or if pets are exposed to them. Other than that, years of inhalation can cause hidden dangers, some of which we may not be aware if until later on in life.Environmental benefits!Chemicals are one of the biggest causes of pollution. We clean with these chemical products and more often than not, people flush a load of chemical substances down the sink without giving the consequences of doing so any thought what so ever. Chemicals flushed into our drainage can pollute the water stream and contaminates water supplies; it could even lead to death of local aquatic life.Aerosols are not as they used to be, many are designed to be kinder to the environment than what was originally used, however if you use aerosols a lot at home, you still risk inhalation exposure to the hidden chemicals.Depending on how often you buy all of these products you are still adding to landfill, some more than others. Reducing landfill is a great way of saving our planet and the more people that do this, the better the impact! Cutting out household cleaners is a great place to start.How do I go green?Going green is a lot easier than you may think, for a start you can try it out right now by using many things that may already be stocked and stored away in your cupboards at home, Things such as vinegar, lemons, salt, and baking soda all make up very good alternatives to conventional cleaning methods. In fact some of those ingredients are already used in conventional methods but because they are manufactured it means that you pay the extra for the packaging and marketing of the product before you get to use it.Why pay more?It makes you wonder why a person actually falls for it doesn’t it? Then again it’s probably for convenience more than anything else; most people do not have the time to sit and discover how to make natural cleaning products at home and would rather buy them instead. But, if you can give it some thought, and a little online research, it could make a significant difference to your life. You could cut back expenditure and save money for important things such as holidays and days out and you are offering your family a cleaner healthier lifestyle and living environment, which is priceless!

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