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A Room by Room Home Cleaning Checklist
18Jun 2015
A Room by Room Home Cleaning Checklist

The easiest way to tackle a house cleaning marathon is to take it one room at a time. This method allows you to make sure that each room is done properly whilst also saving you time and energy as attempting to clean the entire house at the same time will only cause you stress and frustration. Have a read through this cleaning checklist and you will see how cleaning the house room by room is so much easier and efficient.

Kitchen cleaning is fairly straightforward. First you will need to get rid of the clutter which means clearing the room from any unnecessary items such as shoes, hairbrushes and any other things which have found their way here. Use a disinfectant to clean the countertops to ensure that food preparation is done safely. Wash your dishes and put them away in their designated zones. Once that is complete you can begin tackling the kitchen appliances. Oven cleaning is done by removing the racks and washing them with warm water and a damp cloth. The inside of the oven can be cleaned with an oven cleaner and left to sit for 30 minutes before you can scrub traces of it and food residue away with a dish cloth.

For extra clean bathroom tiles, use a baking soda and warm water formula which will leave your floor looking spotless. Make sure that the drains are not clogged with hair and if you find that reaching the hairs is too difficult with your hands, take a clothes hanger and use it to pull hairs out of your shower drain. Don’t forget to discourage mildew growth in the bathroom by opening the windows open to ventilate the room and leave it smelling fresh and clean.

Living Room
Sofa cleaning can be a little difficult which is why many people chose to hire cleaning agencies to battle tough stains and leave your upholstery looking brand new. If you do decide to clean your furniture yourself you may want to invest in lots of clean white cloths to avoid any unwanted colour transfer whilst cleaning. Polish the wooded areas and clean the windows with window cleaner and a microfiber cloth to avoid any streaks forming as you wipe the glass.

Our bedrooms can easily get a little messy over time and the main reason for the clutter is having too much clothes and not enough storage space. Free closet space by giving some items of your clothing to charity or take the out-of-season clothes and store them away until a time when they will be needed again. If you have a carpet or rug in your room, make sure that it is well cleaned often as carpets can gather a lot of dust which can trigger allergies. Use a carpet cleaner to remove tough stains and vacuum your room as much as possible.

Outdoors may not be counted as a room but it does need to be well maintained. When visitors come to your home the first aspect of your house that they will notice will be the garden. An untamed lawn with overgrown grass and hundreds of weeds won’t give you or your family the best first impression so make sure to keep your garden looking trimmed and proper. It doesn’t have to be perfect but every once in a while, take the lawnmower and cut the grass so that it looks neater. This is especially important in the summer months as grass tends to grow quicker when the sun is out.

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