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Essential Fridge And Oven Cleaning Tips
23Jan 2014
Essential Fridge And Oven Cleaning Tips

There are certain parts of the home that are not always given the same attention as the rest of the house. The main culprits are those parts that are ignored because they are out of view when you are cleaning the rest of the place. You will no doubt understand that the best way to ensure that the house remains clean is to get all of it cleaned, rather than just wiping away what the eye can see. A pair of contenders for making your kitchen feel a lot less clean than it is simply by the way that they smell, the oven and the fridge are very important in your life. They store and cook your food, and therefore need to be in excellent condition at all times, otherwise you can get nasty results that may well make you feel ill. Have a look at a few suggestions for making your oven and fridge cleaning a little simpler, and try to do both fairly regularly, to ensure that the process takes a little less time each time you come to do it. The most difficult and time consuming part of cleaning either of these things is the amount of dirt that you need to get rid of, so regularly doing such cleaning will reduce this each time.

For the oven, get hold of a decent oven cleaner, and ensure that you wear gloves, as they can be extremely corrosive. The best oven cleaners will come with plastic bags that you can put your oven trays and racks in to, which are then filled with the cleaning fluid to ensure that you can avoid fiddly scrubbing. If you don’t get the right bags with your cleaning fluid, leave the racks in a shallow sink of the stuff, so that they get the same treatment. Spray the inside of the oven with the cleaning fluid, and ensure that every single part of the interior of the oven is covered. You will likely find that this needs a little wiping and moving around form you, to really work the foam into the corners and little areas that may get missed. Whilst this is left to do its work, rinse off the racks and give them a little scrub to really rid them of any burnt on dirt. Scrub away at the inside of the oven with a stiff brush, until you have rid it of all the grime that comes from hot grease, and then rinse it out with wet sponges and flannels.

With the fridge, the process is very similar, but lesser in almost every way. You should remove all the food obviously, and ensure that the shelves are free to remove. Dunk them in a soapy sink of water, and leave them to soak. Wipe down the inside of the fridge with washing up liquid or surface cleaner (anything with disinfectant) and leave the solution on the walls of the fridge, so that it is not wiped off immediately. Having rinsed off the shelves and drawers in the sink, give them a wipe down to get rid of any dried on food and the like, and leave them to dry. Do the same for the fridge, using a tough sponge or brush to rid the interior of the fridge of any food that might be making the fridge smell bad. Rinse any excess soap out of there with a damp sponge and ensure that it is all gone, as soapy food will not taste great!

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