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What Household Cleaning Tips Apply To Your Car?
04Apr 2014
What Household Cleaning Tips Apply To Your Car?It can be strange that we often pay so much attention to cleaning the exterior of our cars, whilst neglecting the address the interior. It is also widely the opposite with homes: the interior is often the first thing to get cleaned and the exterior is often left unaddressed. In a car, this might well be because the external body is open to changes in the weather and the environment and at the mercy of the driving conditions. But the interior of the car is where so much time is spent, so finding a way to keep it as clean as possible is often essential. While you can often pay a valet or other cleaners to use steam cleaning and upholstery cleaning on the interior of your vehicle, it is also possible to use hints, tips and often many of the very same products which you use to clean the inside of your home when it comes time to figure out how to clean out your car. Perhaps the most obvious tool in these circumstances is the vacuum cleaner. While it may be more obvious sliding it around the carpets and rugs of your home, the detachable nozzles and features of the appliance can often be incredibly helpful when it comes to finding the best way in which to deal with mess left behind in a car. One of the most important things to do when using a vacuum cleaner on the interior of a car is to prevent the main suction device from becoming clogged up. As you will likely only be using the detachable parts of the hoover, making sure that nothing untoward is sucked up the main section should be a priority. The removal of a car mat can be incredibly helpful in these circumstances, placing the appliance on the mat in order to prevent items on the grounds from getting inside the device. Running the nozzles across the floors, the carpets and the upholstery is a great start, but be sure to get down into as many tight gaps and corners as possible as this is typically where much of the dirt and dust builds up. Another great tip which you can steal from home cleaning methods is the use of window cleaner. While it may seem obvious to use on the inside of your windows – which can get a bit dirty but are unlikely to get as unclean as those on the outside – it is far less obvious to use these windows cleaning chemicals and products to clean your dashboard. When you find that your car interior is mostly made from the same type of hardened plastic, the use of regular window cleaner can be an essential tool for getting everything clean and shiny. It might be advisable, in particularly dusty cars, to use a dry cloth before you begin this process to remove the most amount of dust possible. One of the better tricks to keeping your car fresh and clean is to focus on the smell. Whilst there have been many products designed to combat bad smells in cars with air fresheners and other similar products, it can often be a case of covering up smells and odours rather than eliminating them. When it comes to getting the interior of the car as fresh as possible, cleaning the upholstery with products specifically designed to remove the smell is far more effective. Similar to how upholstery cleaning works in a home, once the interior is as clean as possible, you can focus on simply enjoying the interior now that it is as fresh as possible.

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