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Top Five Issues For Professional Window Cleaning
23May 2014
Top Five Issues For Professional Window CleaningFor those who are looking to get their windows as clean as possible, the same kinds of problems can often crop up time and time again. Even for professional window cleaners, we can often discover clients are suffering from the same kinds of issues and the only way in which they can think to resolve the problem is by getting in touch with our team and having us help. As such, we have taken the time to compile a list of the top five issues which affect those who are always seeking the cleanest possible windows. Bird droppingsA classic sign of good luck when landing on your shoulder, bird droppings are often the opposite when they fall onto your window. As the bird flies overhead, your chances of stopping or preventing the problems are often limited and the cleaning process can vary depending on a huge number of factors such as the species of bird involved and the particular bird’s diet on the given day. As such, cleaning off this particular problem can often be a case of hard scrubbing with soap and water and can leave you exhausted if it keeps happening. RainRather than cleaning your windows for you, a spot of rain during the day can often leave marks and stains on the windows without you knowing. For those windows which are already a little dirty, the occasional rain drop can only serve to emphasise this issue and makes the difference far more noticeable. Perhaps the worst thing about the rain, however, is that it can hinder your attempts at cleaning and nobody likes the prospect of having to reach into a bucket of cold water during a storm in order to give their glass a bit of a scrubbing. SunJust as the rain can be a big problem, the sun can be equally as awkward. While it might make it easier to go out and get the cleaning done, the prevalent conditions are one of the most insidious issues when it comes to getting windows as clean as possible. As well as drying the cleaning solution too quickly, a hot sun can also lead to the hardening and the stiffening of other more varied stains and marks (including bird droppings). This means that as soon as the sun hits, your job can quickly become a great deal more difficult. Mildew/mouldA particular problem for those with pvc windows, and especially those windows in hard to reach places, the mildew and mould which can infest a windows fixtures are not typically a problem with the glass but with the fixtures and the fittings instead. So as well as making sure that you get the glass as clean as possible, it is also important to make sure that you get the entirety of the window and the housing as clean as possible. There are a number of special products and solutions which can help prevent the problem, but one of the most common methods is to bring in professional help. Water streaksWhile not a typical problem which needs cleaning, the water streaks are quite often left behind by the cleaning process itself. When washing a window, it can be typical to forget to dry the window properly if you are an amateur cleaner. The drying part is often just as important as the soaking and the scrubbing of the window and letting the sun dry the solution too quickly can result in unsightly streaks which occur across the window. Regardless of how much effort you put in to window cleaning, water streaks are always a concern for anyone other than the best professionals.

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